This is the Reason Why Snakes Often Enter the House

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG – The cobra snake that often enters settlements in a number of regions in Indonesia is responded by academics in the Teaching and Education College (STKIP) of PGRI West Sumatra Fachrul Reza M, Si. He revealed the reason why snakes often enter residential areas, especially during the rainy season.

“Snakes are cold-blooded animals. When the rainy season, they will find a warm place and residential areas are the right place,” he said (23/12).

The existence of snakes in settlements is actually normal, but due to the rainy season the volume is increasing. Since long ago snakes also often appeared in community settlements. “But because now the use of social media seems to be booming,” he said.

The snake continued Fachrul, an animal with a weak sense of smell and hearing is different from mammals that hear a human voice will immediately avoid.

In addition, food factors also cause snakes to often enter settlements.
“For example there are rats, or settlements near fields and there are grain plants that are eaten by birds, while birds are eaten by snakes,” he explained.

He said if people find snakes in settlements, there is no need to panic and worry. The solution is twofold, if you are able to catch yourself please, if deemed unable to report to the authorities. Fachrul considered if the snake was poisonous and dangerous it had to be killed. If not, just chase it away using a broom stem.

He explained to distinguish the venomous snake from being unrecognizable to the shape of the head. “Venomous snakes are usually small and have triangular heads and scales on small heads or scooped heads,” he said.(aka/ant)

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