This is what it feels like to be a neighbor of Ronaldo

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG –Who is not familiar with the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a super star on the soccer field due to various achievements. Off the field, he is still a super star because of his wealth and good looks. However, not many fans know how his life in the environment around his home.

Elizabeth Borel was lucky to feel this. The woman who is familiarly called Betty was living right next to the megastar’s residence in the city of Turin, Italy. Previously, Betty had never dreamed of being next door to Ronaldo. But the opportunity finally came when Ronaldo decided to move to Juventus last 2018.

The Portuguese player then packed his goods from the city of Madrid and chose to live in a luxury housing that lived in Betty in the city of Turin, Italy. Ronaldo occupies a house with all-round luxury facilities.

Reported by from the US, in an elite area in the hills was inhabited by several team-mates and Juventus President Andrea Agnelli. Elizabeth Borel also belongs to the large Juventus family. His father, Felice ‘Farfallino’ Borel, is a legend of the Old Lady. They live not far from Ronaldo’s house.

Staying as complex as Ronaldo makes Betty very familiar with the daily life of the former Manchester United (MU) player. “I often see him driving a Rolls-Royce. We see him passing every day with dark glass,” Betty said.

“There are many sports cars in his garage, like Lotus. He also has a covered swimming pool and a small garden which is also covered with beautiful flowers,” she explained.

Not only Ronaldo, as a neighbor who is ‘concerned’ Betty also observes other family members. She often watched Cristiano Jr. skateboarding on the streets.

“(Cristiano Ronaldo jr) is always with bodyguards. Like his mother, Georgina who is always accompanied by caregivers who help her handle two stroller – one for twins and one for a child,” Betty added.

Despite having a comfortable home, according to Betty Cristiano jr. is rarely at home. He was often outside the home for school and then practiced football at the Juventus academy. But he also did not lack friends. “If he wants more, I have four grandchildren who can be introduced to him and there are also children and grandchildren of other neighbors his age,” she said.

Since childhood, Betty was actually familiar to the lives of footballers. Because her father Farfallino Borel has also strengthened Juventus. Likewise her grandfather. Her father was not only an important player for the Old Lady, but also for Italy. During his career as a player, Farfallino Borel had taken Italy to win the 1934 World Cup.

“He lives on bread and Juventus is like my grandfather Ernesto,” Betty recalled.

As the daughter of a famous player, Betty is very familiar with the glamorous life of footballers. However, Betty considers Ronaldo an ideal neighbor. Because, despite being overwhelmed with property, the holder of the five Ballon d’Or titles has never disturbed the peace of the residents with an all-night party or other commotion.(bln/wan)

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