Winning Silver Medal, Lechia Gdansk Still Appreciates Egy

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MANILA – Egy Maulana Vikri continues to get appreciation from his club Lechia Gdansk Poland despite failing to deliver the Indonesia U-22 national team to win the 2019 SEA Games gold medal. Indonesia just got a silver medal after losing to Vietnam in the 2019 SEA Games final.

On the official website of the Polish club there is a picture of Egy against the background of the red and white flag and the writing ‘runner-up SEA Games’. “Gdansk Lechia midfielder Maulana Vikri appeared to defend Indonesia. The 19-year-old player entered the field after a break in place of Witan Sulaiman.”
“Egy played in all his national team matches, which performed well in this tournament, but had to recognize the superiority of his rivals from Vietnam,” wrote a statement from Lechia Gdansk.

During the 2019 SEA Games, Egy always played in every Red and White team match. But Egy did not become a core player in the match against Vietnam in the group and final phases. Of the seven appearances, after Osvaldo Haay who scored eight goals.

The young man who graduated from the Ragunan Special Sports School (SKO) was recorded as Indonesia’s first goalscorer at the 2019 SEA Games with a goal from close range against Thailand.

After joining last season, Egy was still part of the Lechia Gdansk club in the 2019/2020 season. This season Egy only played once in the Ekstraklasa league when Lechia met Wisla Krakow. In the game Egy appeared as a core player and played for 45 minutes. In addition, Egy also appeared as a substitute in the final minutes of the Polish super cup match.

While last season, Egy appeared twice but overall only got a few minutes to play.(cnn/wan)

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