As a Result of The Lebak Flood in Banten, 19 Schools Were Seriously Damaged

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-LEBAK – Floods and landslides in Lebak, Banten have caused 19 school buildings to be severely damaged. These conditions cause the school building cannot be used for teaching and learning activities.

“We hope that after the disaster response period ends, emergency schools can be built so that children can learn,” said Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Lebak Kaprawi Regency in Lebak, Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

Schools whose buildings were heavily damaged due to flooding included SMPN 1 Lebak Ggedong, SMPN 2 Lebak Gedong, SMPN 3 Lebak Gedong, and SMPN 4 Lebak Gedong.

SDN 1 Banjarsari Building, SDN 2 Banjarsari, SDN 1 Lebak Situ, SDN Ciladaeun, PAUD Raudhatul Hasanah Sajira, Ummul Quro Kindergarten, KB Cahaya Gemilang Curugbitung District, PAUD Mitra Candikia, KB Alfatah Curugbitung, PAUD Cudaka Curugbitung, and KB Talaga Warna Cipanas Cipanas Warna also severely damaged by flooding.

Most of the heavily damaged and washed-out school buildings are in the Lebak Gedong District.
“All the heavily damaged school buildings have been reported to the local government,” Kaprawi said.

According to Lebak Regency Education and Culture Office data, damage to school buildings resulted in 1,253 students being unable to participate in learning activities.

Head of the Education and Culture Office of Lebak Regency Wawan Ruswandi said that students whose schools were affected by natural disasters were temporarily closed until January 12, 2020.
Wawan hopes that emergency schools can be established next week so that children can take part in learning activities.
Floods and landslides that occurred in Lebak Regency caused 10 deaths and caused damage to school buildings and people’s homes. (Ant / yos)

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