Earth Tone Will Dominated Fashion Muslim Trends in 2020

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG – Fashion and hijab trends for Muslim fashion lovers in Indonesia are now highly anticipated. The number of hijabers in Indonesia has also increased.

Now, you no longer need to be afraid to feel outdated by the current trends of fashion, because has summarized everything for all of you, Keep scrolling …

1. The color of earth tones will dominate more

Fashion and hijab trends for Muslim women in Indonesia in 2020 are predicted to contain many shades of natural colors. Especially with sustainable fashion trends that are now increasingly echoed.

The colors are expected to be widely used such as green, olive, brown, terracotta and its derivatives. Because the earth tones color theme is back to basic, it will be very easy to mix and match with white so it is more stand out. Combined with motifs with matching colors so it is not monotonous.

2. Super long outerwear

Outerwear is still a mainstay of the hijab mix & match. Not outerwear that is “bear” in length like outerwear that had boomed at the end of 2019, but outerwear that had lengths to feet. Outerwear is a fashion item that you must have, fashion lovers. Because outerwear is very easy to mix and match with plain robe, culottes and inner or t-shirts and jeans.

In addition, the outer can be a choice of hijabers because the use of the outer can disguise the body that tends to be fat or vice versa. Outer can also make the effect of stiffness look more level. Very interesting right?

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