Experience The Taste of Sago Caterpillar Satay, Papuan Snack That Is Rich in Protein

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-JAYAPURA – This snack is rich in protein. It’s called sago worms. For those who live in Papua, they are used to eating it. For those who have never, there’s no harm in the tasting.
From various sources, the nutritional and protein content of sago caterpillars is extraordinary. Every 100 grams of raw sago caterpillar contains about 9.34 percent protein. Then there are essential amino acids, such as aspartic acid (1.84 percent), glutamic acid (2.72 percent), tyrosine (1.87 percent), lysine (1.97 percent), and methionine (1.07 percent).
In addition to its high nutritional and protein content, the texture of the caterpillar is soft, slightly chewy and tastes sweet. The people of Papua like this one food.

Sago caterpillars come from sago trees that are cut down, then left to rot. After all this time, sago worms can be harvested.
In Papua, sago worms are usually called “Koo”. To find this sago caterpillar, no need to bother looking for forest and look for fallen sago trees.

In Jayapura, it is available in traditional markets, such as Jayapura’s Youtea Abepura Market. There, many residents brought sago worms from the forest to be sold to the market.
Sago caterpillars are very familiar among Papuan residents. This is a normal animal to consume. It is believed that sago caterpillars can provide energy with low cholesterol levels.
Papuans consume sago worms by being eaten directly (still alive) or cooked into a stir-fry, mixed with vegetables, fried and made into satay.

To make sago caterpillar satay, the method is similar to making chicken satay or goat satay. Caterpillars are stabbed with a skewer near the head. Then it is roasted on hot coals. Then smeared with runny soy sauce, then roasted again to the level of maturity according to taste.

This sago caterpillar satay is ready to be served with peanut sauce as usual or just soy sauce.
In Papua, ordinary people eat sago worms with papeda or sago bread. Want to try? (yos)

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