Gibran Emphasizes There Are No Political Dynasties in His Candidacy to Become Mayor of Surakarta

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – SOLO – President Joko Widodo’s son who is elected for Surakarta Mayor, Gibran Rakabuming Rakabuming Raka, assures that there is no political dynasty in his nomination. He also requested that citizens not be prejudiced and assume, victory or defeat could occur in the upcoming 2020 elections.

In this year’s elections, Gibran elected through the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP). However, under these conditions, a discordant voice emerged, an effort to safeguard political dynasties, with the status of the President’s child.

“I was in the nomination to participate in the contest for the mayor of Surakarta 2020, I could win or lose, and I could vote or not,” Gibran said, interrupted to attend the ‘Introduction, Gathering, and Umbul Donga Mas Gibran’ Village in Ngaglik Village, Mojosongo Village, Jebres District, Solo, Sunday (5/1/20).

He said, in the contestation, contestation could win and lose and could be voted on and not. He joined the nomination and was not appointed by his father to become a candidate for mayor. But all through the process of transparent, open, and existing democracy. So there is no such thing as a political dynasty. Because, if there is a political dynasty, he might not have to work hard to meet with people like this.”I went through stages that had to be passed like those of other candidates, and all through the democratic process,” Gibran said.

At the Introduction, Hospitality, and Umbul Donga Mas Gibran event in Kampung Ngaglik, Mojosongo Village, Jebres District, Solo, it was attended by a thousand local volunteers. At the event, it was also enlivened by the art of Reog Ponorogo.

According to Gibran, the meeting with the residents of Mojosongo Solo is a friendship and donut collection, and not a campaign because the elections are still long in June-July. “I was present amid the Mojosongo community only to “sowan” or to visit for strengthening our relations, as well as receive input or complaints, criticism from residents who came very enthusiastic. If there are complaints that I can resolve now it can be straightforward, but if it can’t be recorded it will be homework I, “Gibran said.

According to Gibran if there are residents who are asking about Gibran whether to be running for Surakarta Mayor or not, the answer is so and serious. Gibran explained that he had registered through the Central Java PDIP DPD on December 12, 2019. Besides, he had gone through a fit and proper test two weeks ago. All stages and processes have been passed, and are now waiting for the results of the DPP PDIP recommendations.
“So for the past two months, I have been very happy to meet with residents, and meet with leaders or elders, and scholars to receive input or complaints in the local village,” he said.

According to Gibran from his exploration activity has produced positive results. The results of the PDIP internal survey have improved enough. This will make him even harder to work hard for residents. (top / ant)

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