In Jakarta there is a water flood, in the Islamic Mataram era there was a blood flood

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG – If at the beginning of 2020 Jakarta was frightened by the flooding of water, in 1742, the Islamic Mataram Kingdom fortress in Kartasura was destroyed by the attacks of Javanese and Chinese troops, resulting in a flood of blood. That is as told in a book called Sambernyawa.

The story of the blood flood in Mataram was triggered by the Pacitan commotion, the Chinese rebellion against the Dutch in Batavia in 1740. Led by a nobleman named Sunan Kuning, the Chinese and Javanese who were equally disappointed with Pakubuwana II’s reign (Mataram King who are close to the Netherlands) then the people are waging a rebellion.

Since then, the people of Mataram have been divided in two, between those who sided with Sunan Kuning and Pakubuwana II. Everywhere there were wars and bloodshed. Then the fall of Kartasura was the background of the birth of a great Javanese figure, Raden Mas Said alias Prince Sambernyawa!

Dai is a knight who was removed from the palace of Mataram. After Sunan Kuning took control of Kartasura, Prince Sambernyawa was at a crossroads. Even though Pakubuwana II is his uncle, he cannot defend because there is a Dutch behind him. But he also did not want to side with the new ruler because he felt that Sunan Kuning was not the expected leader. This polemic always accompanies him, he hesitated.

During this crucial time, Prince Sambernyawa experienced event after event. Someone poisoned him until he was suspended for days. When his body is weak with no power, the awesome power of the supernatural Tridaya actually rises in him. The knots on the seven chakras in his body were opened and were able to give pure energy completely.

His encounter with people who suffer has established his heart to fight for justice. Compassion from people who are sincere makes their soul increasingly aware of the Javanese ancestors, ‘Sura dira jayaningrat lebur dening pangastuti’. Wrath will be melted by love! Devoted to justice and love, Prince Sambernyawa also prepared his strength to free the Javanese people from the shackles of suffering and colonialism!(aka)

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