In Malang, A Well-Known Colorful Village, There Is A Widowed Village in Banjarbaru

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG – If in Malang there is a Colorful Village, Tridi Village, Arema Village, in Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan, you don’t want to lose. There is a village that is very well known too, the name is Widow Village, right? So what’s interesting about this one village, yes, it is interesting, especially if the widows of young widows, hem …

How it could become a widow’s village. Once upon a time as reported by, a place that is inhabited by approximately 35 heads of families has activities that are not much different from other villages which are men are looking for work and women are doing homework. But strangely, the village which is called Batuah for the last 10 years was filled with widows of various ages. Some are old and many are young.

Most of the young people are 25 years old. Then the reasons for widening various. Some were left dead, the impact of divorce, and even some of the widows of several husbands became one man who meant to have many partners but only one man remained. And he said some adhere to polyandry, aka one wife, many husbands. So …

Indeed, no one expected that from day to day more and more widows were scattered in every corner of the village. To the extent that a house without a widow can be counted. The head of the RT said that only about three houses were not filled with widows. Most every house has two to three women who hold that status. Some as family heads and children of widows who have become single too.

And what makes many men curious, many widows are aged between the ages of 20 to 24 years. I do not know because of what the woman became a widow at a very young age, it might be due to divorce or the husband died.

To make ends meet, these widows are also trying to be independent. They make souvenirs for tourists visiting there. Souvenirs presented are typical Banjar cloths, namely Sasirangan, precious stones and there are also light snacks from Amplang and Dodol Kandangan. Wow, it’s all productive, ladies here. Can live without relying on her husband. (Aka)

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