KKP 2019 Flashback: Skipper Changes, Will Policy Also Change?

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG – Throughout 2019, the National maritime and fisheries sector was also lively with a variety of issues, especially as there was a change of leadership at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries for the 2014-2019 period, Susi Pudjiastuti, stated on a number of occasions that fishery crime activities occurring in Indonesia and many other countries also threatened various aspects of humanity that must be immediately addressed through international cooperation.

According to her, fishing activities will threaten global humanity in part because it is also related to other heinous crimes such as slavery.

In addition, she said, there are also acts of fish theft which are also related to the trade in endangered species and smuggling of firearms and drugs.

Susi also believes that the crime of the fisheries sector is a criminal activity that is considered beneficial because it can often avoid taxes such as by transferring cargo in the middle of the sea, so that it can reduce the burden of costs even greater.

The minister, who came from a professional circle, also expressed the same thing in a number of events at various levels of foreign countries attended by her, representing the Government of Indonesia.

When giving a public lecture at New York University on Monday (9/23), Susi stated that illegal fishing must be an organized transnational crime because it involves a lot of citizenship.

Indonesia, she said, continued to seek support from other countries to form communities that agreed to make this fishery crime a transnational organized crime.

According to her, most illegal fishing vessels operate globally, where they not only catch fish in one country, but also in various countries.

Therefore, she said, gathering support to make fisheries crime as transnational organized crime becomes important. However, Susi said that until now only around 16 countries had expressed support.

Not only that, she is optimistic that Indonesian business people also occupy the second highest position globally after Vietnam’s performance of Edhy Prabowo as Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries must be able to surpass the various achievements obtained by Susi Pudjiastuti.

According to the Secretary General of Kiara, Edhy Prabowo, it must be able to make the protection and empowerment of coastal communities as the main points within the next five years.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of the Maritime Study Center for Humanity Abdul Halim stated, Edhy Prabowo as Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in the Advanced Indonesian Cabinet 2019-2024 should be able to encourage more participation of small fishermen in order to involve them in national fisheries sector decision making.

Abdul Halim also wants the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to maximize the work of foreign diplomacy in the context of protecting national interests in the field of maritime affairs and fisheries, particularly in relation to the country’s efforts to protect and empower fishermen, women fishermen, fish breeders, salt farmers and coastal ecosystem conservationists.

Similarly, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo, also stated that President Joko Widodo had advised himself to improve communication with various stakeholders in the fisheries sector, especially among fishermen.
“The first task ordered by Mr. Jokowi was to improve communication with the fishermen,” Edhy Prabowo said during a working visit to meet a fishing group in Muara Angke, North Jakarta, October 28.

According to Edhy, the government of the Advanced Indonesian Cabinet was determined to resolve various problems faced by fishermen such as fishing vessel permits or fishing gear permits.

In terms of eradicating fish theft, Minister Edhy stressed the importance of synergies to eradicate illegal fishing because with good cooperation, it will further strengthen surveillance of the archipelago sea.

“Our PSDKP has 38 ships. But do our 38 ships have the strength to pursue? Perhaps, the strength of our ship is only 20 knots, it turns out that the enemy is more than that. This also cannot be done alone. Must synergize with all parties involved,” said Edhy Prabowo.

Edhy assessed that the illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing eradication policies implemented by the CTF were already good.

However, according to him, KKP has homework (PR) which is to ensure that Indonesian territorial waters are always free of foreign vessels by strengthening internal supervision.

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