Local Government of Belitung Targets 500 Thousand Tourists in 2020

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – BELITUNG – The number of events that will be held in Bangka Belitung in 2020, makes the Government of Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, targeting 500 thousand tourists visit the area. This number increased dramatically from the previous year, which was in the range of 300 thousand tourists.

“With 80 tourism activities in 2020 and increasing flight frequencies we are optimistic we can achieve this,” said Head of the Belitung Regency Tourism Office, Jasagung Hariyadi in Tanjung Pandan, Babel, Saturday (01/04/20).

According to him, the number of tourist arrivals in Belitung Regency until November 2019 is relatively good. Visits were recorded at 308,440 people.

“The condition of tourist arrivals this year is quite good and the trend so far has increased,” he said.

According to him, the total number of Nusantara tourist arrivals to Belitung was 292,684 people. Meanwhile, 15,756 foreign tourists.

According to him, the interest or interest of foreign tourist visits is not too affected by the increase in ticket prices some time ago. Indeed, the condition of tourists was sluggish in the first semester but improved in the second semester.

In January to May 2019, he admitted, tourist visits to the area had dropped. The reason is the increase in plane ticket prices and the application of paid baggage.

However, entering May to November 2019 the trend of tourist visits to the area returned to improvement and increased.

“This condition is also experienced by several other regions such as Bali which is already well-known as well as experiencing the same impact in decreasing the number of tourist visits,” he said. (top / ant)

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