MUI Joins to Build Hospital in West Palestine

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has said it will also provide financial assistance to build a hospital in the city of Hebron, the West Bank of Palestine.

This was conveyed by the Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Jordan and Palestine, Andy Rachmianto in his written statement.

“The construction of the second hospital in the West Bank region is expected to provide benefits to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people,” Andy said.

The signing of the hospital development agreement has also been carried out by the two countries, represented by the Chairman of the MUI Foreign Relations and International Cooperation Division, Muhyiddin Djunaidi, and the Mayor of Hebron, Tayser Abu Sneineh on Saturday (04/01).

The hospital will be erected on a waqf land area of ​​4000 square meters and is estimated to cost 6.745 million US dollars (around Rp94 billion). MUI will contribute 5.915 million US dollars or around Rp82.5 billion.

While the remaining construction costs of IDR 11.5 billion will be the responsibility of the Hebron city government.

Later the hospital will be shown to more than 1 million Hebron residents who need medical care, especially physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
Andy added the construction of this hospital is a tangible form of commitment and support of the Indonesian people towards the Palestinian people who are suffering from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Mayor Sneineh welcomed the assistance provided by the Indonesian people and said that the Palestinian people always consider Indonesia as a close relative who always helps whenever needed.

Moreover, Mayor Sneineh continued, it was known that Israel had planned to open new settlements in some of its Palestinian territories, one of which was the city of Hebron. (Lna / ant)

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