PUNA MALE, Indonesian-Owned Drone Ready for Combat in 2024

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-BANDUNG – Consortium for Unmanned Aircraft (PTTA MALE) will make an additional three prototype unmanned aircraft (PUNA) or medium altitude long endurance (MALE) type drones, namely PM-2, PM-3 and PM-4 in the period 2020-2024.

“We will make three more prototypes of PUNA MALE in the 2020-2024 period,” said Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia Elfien Goentoro in the PUNA Roll Out or MALE type drone at PT DI Bandung, West Java, Monday 30 December 2019.

The consortium consists of BPPT, the Ministry of Defense and the Air Force as users, the Bandung Institute of Technology as a partner of universities, PT DI as an aircraft manufacturing industry partner, PT LEN Persero which develops a control and cargo system, and the National Aeronautics and Space Institute.

The PM-1 prototype was launched at PT DI on Monday 30 December 2019. The PM-1 can fly continuously for 24 hours and is targeted to fly first in 2020.

“The target of this drone is to be able to take off and landing around 700 meters with a height of about 20,000 feet with a maximum speed of 235 km/hour,” he said.

“For the PM-4, the target is to complete the certificate in 2024 to be in the form of a drone aircraft that can be combatants,” he said.

BPPT Deputy for Industrial Design and Engineering Industry Wahyu Widodo Pandoe said the engine will be installed on the PM-1 prototype within the next week.

Wahyu said that the second prototype of PUNA MALE was developed to get certification in 2020.

PUNA MALE third or PM-3 was developed to test static or structural strength of aircraft that might be tested at Serpong.

While PUNA MALE fourth or PM-4 to get a type certificate from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia. Type certificate is proof of compliance with airworthiness requirements according to civil aviation regulations.

The fourth PUNA MALE prototype will be able to accommodate combatant missions by carrying around 300 kg of payload, for example, equipped with missiles.

The second PUNA MALE will be installed synthetic aperture radar and cameras that are not combatants but are more directed to support intelligence, surveillance, surveillance, and targeting activities. While PM-4 will fly equipped with defense equipment.

“We want one aircraft but can carry a variety of missions,” he said. (ant/yos)

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