Since ancient times Iran was a brave nation, now America is also opposed

NUSADAILY.COM – MALANG – Iran used to be called Persia. Iran means as the Aryan nation’s capital city called Parsa is what Iskandar Zulkarnaen called Persepolis. This parsa later became Persia and the name of the capital was made a name for the entire country. Since March 21, 1935, the official name is: Iran, the language of Iran is called Persian, (because the language used in Iran today is Parsa, one of the Aryans).

The history of ancient Iran is full of war and splendor. Falling back and forth in the course of Iranian history shows the tenacity of the Iranian nation’s soul which despite being tossed around by several foreign cultures always shows the basis of Iran’s original culture. So do not be surprised if this nation is always brave against anyone who harasses his country, including against the United States.

The first king who laid the foundation of Iran’s grandeur was: Cyrus (553-529 BC) who first created Iran to become the first world empire in the world. At that time the Kingdom led by Cyrus had controlled many countries both in Asia and Europe.

In 643 AD Iran fell into the hands of Arabs (Islam) and a new history began. The Arabs captured Iran in 643, but could not continue to contain it. With this Arab nation, Islam also entered Iran. In Iran arose several kings who seized power, the biggest of which was Mahmud from Ghazna. He promoted Iranian culture, especially literacy.

Then the Turks seized Iran in 1055 under his famous leader Tigril Beg who could suppress the chaos in Baghdad and was appointed sultan by the caliph in Baghdad. Under the rule of the Saldjuk dynasty, science in Iran was very advanced.

Then the Mongols who led Jenghiz khan shocked the world with a great invasion that succeeded in occupying China, Russia, Iran, and Mesopotamia.

After centuries of being ruled by foreign kings, in 1500 Iran returned under the national Iranian dynasty. This dynasty which succeeded in recapturing Iran again was the Safavid dynasty, the first king was Shah Ismail (1500-1524). (aka)

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