The Mystery of Apple Logo Steve Jobs’s Finding

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MALANG-Nobody denies that Apple fruit is a very special fruit. Besides it tastes good, this fruit also growth all the time and it is relatively durable. In addition, apples are only willing to grow and bear fruit in cold air and dry areas. Which is in Indonesia so far the most suitable apple planted in the area around Malang and Batu, East Java.

Apparently, the privileges of this apple are also captured by Apple’s founding Steve Jobs. Initially, he and Steve Wozniak thought of what name they would make as the name of the new company they were about to establish. Steve Wozniak advised him to name his company under the name ‘Enterprise Computers’ but Steve Jobs hardly opposed and rejected his idea by the reason that the name still smells StarTrek.

Star Trek is the company where He worked in the past. Steve Jobs thinks aloud what name is suitable for his company so that when people see what brand can make the person who sees it be wanting to buy it. Suddenly the words ‘ Apple ‘ were ejected from the mouth of Steve Jobs. He argues that apple fruit is the fruit of creation. According to Steve Jobs, Apple is a simple fruit but has its strength.

Based on philosophy, apples are considered as science while the bite found in the symbol comes from the English language which is ‘byte’ which can be interpreted as from the computer’s memory capacity such as Megabytes, Terra bytes, etc. However, the philosophy of the bite found in the ‘ Apple ‘ logo is a symbol that humans cannot eat all of the science, but only a part of them can be absorbed.

And evidently, the Steve Jobs’s inspiration is proven, Apple became a giant technology company that ruled the world. Everyone is proud to use Apple brand devices. Maybe if in the past Steve Jobs used to choose the logo of a tomato, his fate would not be like this. (aka)

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