The Myth of Lamongan People Are Forbidden to Marry a Person of Kediri, Here’s the Beginning of the Story

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – KEDIRI – Until now, there are still some people who think that Lamongan people are prohibited from marrying Kediri people. This myth is similar to the prohibition of Sundanese from marrying Javanese. There are stories behind these myths that are still believed by some people.

The ban on marriage between the Kediri and the Lamongan people starts with the story in the end of the Mapahit Kingdom. At that time, the Majapahit Kingdom was fading because of the civil war.

Knowing these conditions, Duke of Kediri intended to rebel against Majapahit to restore the glory of the Airlangga breed which had ruled at the Kadiri work before Majapahit existed. But Duke Kediri did not dare to rebel alone, then invited Duke Lamongan.

Now to form a coalition with Duke Lamongan, Duke Kediri intends to marry two twin daughters Dewi Andansari & Dewi Andanwangi with two sons of Duke Lamongan named Panji Laras and Panji Liris. It is hoped that with this political marriage, Kediri can hold Lamongan to attack Majapahit.

However, the Regent of Lamongan felt indecisive between wanting to accept or reject the evil agreement wrapped in the marriage. If he accepts it, he is afraid of Majapahit’s retaliation if his coup plan with Kediri against Majapahit fails. But if he refused and then Kediri succeeded in overthrowing Majapahit, then Kediri would certainly also respond to his refusal. Besides, if there was another civil war, the economy and trade which were then controlled by the people of the north coast of Java would be disrupted.

Undecided, the Regent of Lamongan decided to test the sincerity of the Duke of Kediri. Duke Lamongan proposed three conditions, first, Dewi Andansari & Dewi Andanwangi must be willing to embrace Islam. Second, the bride’s family must come to the groom’s family. Third, the bride must come with a gift in the form of a water barrel & a mat which must both be made of stone.

It turned out that Duke Kediri was willing to fulfill it and told his two daughters to come to apply to Lamongan, so that inevitably the regent of Lamongan was finally willing to carry out the marriage. Arriving on the day, Dewi Andansari & Dewi Andanwangi accompanied by a large group of people from Kediri came to Lamongan.

Panji Laras and Panji Liris accompanied by Ki Patih Mbah Sabilan were ordered by his father to pick up the two Kediri daughters at the Lamongan City boundary. At that time Lamongan was experiencing a flood, so that Dewi Andansari and Dewi Andanwangi were forced to lift the cloth up to the thigh so the cloth would not get wet.

Unfortunately, because of that, Panji Laras and Panji Liris could see that it turned out that the feet of Dewi Andansari and Dewi Andanwangi had thick fur. So Panji Laras and Panji Liris refused to marry Dewi Andansari and Dewi Andanwangi and requested that the wedding plans be canceled.

Hearing this frivolous only made Dewi Andansari and Dewi Andanwangi feel insulted then they committed suicide right then and there in front of Panji Laras and Panji Liris. Seeing their lord insulted and humiliated to the point of committing suicide, the people of Kediri were very angry. So that war broke out. Seeing the lives of Panji Laras and Panji Liris in danger, Ki Patih Mbah Sabilan struggled to protect them, although eventually Ki Patih Mbah Sabilan had to die in his duty to protect the lives of Panji Laras and Panji Liris.

After his patih was killed, the Lamongan people were increasingly forced to the point that finally Panji Laras and Panji Liris were killed without his body being known. Not satisfied with just killing Ki Patih Mbah Sabilan and Panji Laras and Panji Liris, the people of Kediri continued to attack up to the duchy pavilion. In the battle at the duchy pavilion, the Lamongan regent also died. But before he breathed his last, the Regent of Lamongan had said that his grandchildren would not be able to marry a people from Kediri.(aka)

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