The Stabbing in West Jakarta Killed by Police

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The perpetrators of the stabbing of two victims that occurred on Jalan Semeru Raya, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta, lost their lives.

The police were forced to take decisive and measured actions because when they were about to be arrested, the perpetrators instead fought officers using sharp weapons.

The perpetrator with the initial MI (20) died after the West Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Unit took decisive and measured actions.

Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Commissioner Commissioner Yusri revealed, the stabbing incident of two victims carried out by perpetrators on Jalan Semeru Raya Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta, where the victim WA and AN were walking, visited by the perpetrator while brandishing a sharp weapon he held and then threatened the victim with the intent of aiming to ask for money.

“Initially the perpetrator asked for money from the victim, then the perpetrator snatched his wallet. After seizing the victim’s wallet, then the perpetrator immediately ran away. Immediately the two victims chased the perpetrator, but the perpetrators instead resisted by stabbing the victim to injury,” Yusri told reporters in Jakarta, Tuesday 7 January 2020.

In the injured condition, the victim reports to the West Jakarta Metro Police Station. Based on reports received, the West Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit led directly by the Criminal Unit Commissioner Teuku Arsya, accompanied by the Criminal Law Office Dimitri together with the members immediately did the Criminal Procedure Place (TKP).

Kasat Reskrim West Jakarta Metro Police, Commissioner Teuku Arsya explained, after his team under the leadership of the West Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Division Chief Iptu Dimitri Mahendra conducted a crime scene, by examining witnesses and looking for clues about the characteristics of the perpetrators.

The officer then succeeded in identifying the perpetrator and searching for the perpetrators. “We found the perpetrators in the Latumenten area when they were about to carry out their crimes. But when they were about to be arrested, the perpetrators resisted attacking officers using machetes. Given the lives of officers threatened, strict and measurable actions were carried out regarding the perpetrators’ chests,” Arsya explained.

Based on the information obtained, it turns out that the perpetrators were included in the People’s Search List (DPO) for cases of Curas, Curat, and Persecution. The perpetrators also often acted Jalan Semeru Raya to Jalan Latumenten. Perpetrators are also known to have committed crimes 11 times.

“The motive of the perpetrators to do the action by combing the Semeru Raya region, to Latumenten by looking for targets (victims) who are passing by. The perpetrators also always use sharp weapons and are not reluctant to hurt their victims. Before acting, the perpetrators always consume illegal drugs,” said Arsya.

From the disclosure of the case, officers seized evidence in the form of 15 strips of Tramadol type drugs, 5 strips of Tramadol type HCL drugs, 42 yellow Excimer pills, 25 white Excimer pills, 3 leather wallets, and 5 ATM cards. (Dan)

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