These Jews Become National Fighters Because Joining The War in the Battle of November 10

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG – The events of the November 10 war Surabaya gave birth to many heroes, both recorded in history and not recorded.

The fighters are not only from the indigenous population but also from the Chinese ethnic and even citizens of Jewish descent. Not many people know that the events of 10 November 1945 also gave birth to a warrior who came from the Surabaya Jews, namely Charles Mussry as written on wikipedia.

He was born October 9, 1919 and died in Surabaya, August 23, 1971 at the age of 51 years. He was awarded the title of National Warrior. His role in fighting the British who invaded Surabaya when considered very important. The spirit of Charles’s nationalism for Indonesia is also very high.

Besides Charles Mussry, there are still a number of figures in Indonesia who are of Jewish descent, who are they?

Some Indonesian Jewish religious figures include:
1. David Sayers, Member of Yeshiva (Orthodox Jewish School) in England
2. Joseph Aaron, Synagogue Management and Manager in Surabaya
3. Rita Aaron, Indonesian Female Model
4. John Bollegraf, Politician of Manado 1980
5. Yaakov Baruch, Rabbi in Manado, North Sulawesi
6. Yokhanan Eliyahu, one of the founders of UIJC, is currently the Chair of KYTC under Orthodox Judaism Jakarta.
7. Iberia Resley, one of the Jewish activists in Ambon, Maluku.
8. Kasra Zahra Bin Abbenon, one of the Jewish Teaching activists in Ambon, Maluku.
9. Okran Asyerr Bani Tisera, one of the Jewish teachers in Ambon, Maluku.
10. Alkyuwen Akiwen Hong, one of the most prominent Jewish political and religious figures in Ambon, Maluku (Descendants of China, Ambon, and Jews).
11. Akhabanon Ziedd Amesz, one of the Jewish trade figures with the Chinese in Ambon, Maluku.
12. Elisheva Wirjaatmadja, one of the prominent Jewish women in Indonesia. (aka)

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