West Africa Explores The Import of White Pepper from Bangka Belitung

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-BABEL – Entrepreneurs from Mali West Africa plan to import 40 containers of white pepper per month in 2020 from Bangka Belitung (Babel).

The import plan was revealed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Senegal Africa, Mansyur Pangeran, in Pangkalpinang, Sunday 5 January 2020.

Mansyur said, as a government official, his party was trying to bridge businessmen from Mali, West Africa, to import the products of the farmers in this region.

He said the buyer from Mali, West Africa, was very interested in white Babel pepper. Because of the quality and has, a high taste or spiciness compared to pepper from outside the region or other countries.

“Businessmen from Mali are looking for pepper products, after knowing that we went to Babel to visit. Hopefully, the businessman will import Babylon pepper. There are so many of them reaching 40 containers per month, and this is also a commitment between the entrepreneurs here and the entrepreneurs there, “he said again.

Babel Islands Deputy Governor Abdul Fatah said the Indonesian Ambassador’s visit could accelerate efforts by local governments to transform regional economic growth. From the beginning in the mining sector, then shifted to tourism and plantation, marine and fisheries.

“With this visit, it is expected to have a good impact on the Babylonian economy. And will continue to be followed up by the Provincial Government of Babel by continuously communicating with the Indonesian Ambassador to Senegal and Africa, “he said again.

He said the ambassador through the coordination of eight countries in the West Africa rate, the market share this time was very good and was expected by government officials. This is under what has been communicated and as soon as possible can be continued and acted upon.

“Hopefully what we have done is a breakthrough, transforming our economy which originally relied on mining to shift to other sectors,” he said again. (ant / yos)

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